Sunday, 14 September 2014

'A-Level' Up *

Literally, despite only being back at school for 1 and a half weeks, I feel the upgrade in intensity from what GCSE's were. It may actually be because I haven't had a proper form of learning or education in the last 3 months, but nonetheless, I'm feeling the effects of Sixth Form already.

I stayed in my school, and as much as I do wonder how it would have been if I had left, I always conclude with the idea that I did make the right decision in staying. The way I see it is that these two years are solely for getting into university, the easiest way of doing that being staying at my sixth form; in an environment that I'm comfortable and familiar with; both factors being those that I can use to my advantage.

I like sixth form, but at the same time I don't. I like being older in school and not having to wear the horrible uniform that I did, but there are downsides to the new academic life.
Take having to wear your own clothes for example. Although I've just said that I like the change in clothing I don't at the same time. Uniform was abysmal, but having to sort out 5 different scarves  for the week in itself is a lot, plus the 'do I wear trousers/Do I wear a skirt?' question I'm asking myself every Sunday evening which is a lot more than "do I wear trousers or do I wear a skirt?"*1. Additionally, what makes having this dress code difficult is the fact that clothes don't fit. I'm small, but not tiny-small, also slim to some extent too. Basically, the U.K. sizing system doesn't co-operate with people like me, who has to not only look smart and abide by my schools dress code, but stay within Muslim boundaries of dress, and try and look good too*2. It's a lot to consider when you think about it, trust me.

Never in my life have I had so many assignments set in one day!
I looked at this and knew that A-Levels had begun.

However, clothes are nothing of a struggle in comparison to the work. The workload isn't overwhelming as such for me personally, but just different. Maybe over the last 2+ years I became too comfortable with the GCSE way of learning. You were learning, but I always found it manageable because it wasn't completely foreign to what I may have learnt or known already so it was never too hard to grasp. I guess it's been a long time since I've learnt something completely new- so maybe that's really the problem- but I've found this part of the sixth form experience uneasy.

 Additionally, there's my perception that everyone understands everything already. My Further Maths class (which is Maths + Further Maths, 2 A-levels of pure joy!) consists of 10 people, all of which are so silent during class, ask no questions and seem just fine. Maybe it's the way they are, or they're just shy, but the lack of speech in the class to me suggests that they are managing, understanding, and I'm not. Maths at A-level isn't too foreign, but it's not the GCSE I could do in my sleep. So from being on top of my game to being at the bottom of the heap is not nice. Combined with the pressure in having to well in these two subjects for university, I  haven't felt so good recently in my favourite subject. 

I was discussing my discomfort with a friend of mine, who then told me to "Fake it 'til I make it", which is the game plan for now because I have to keep afloat, even if it's just on the outside. I was also reassured with other words and comments, from peers and even teachers around school. That I received throughout the week. If they think I have the right attitude, and the ability to get good grades at the end of the year, then I should too, right?

Perhaps it's just apprehension, nerves and the likes getting to me so soon, maybe not. But overall I feel okay with sixth form- I like it. The "sun shines brightest after the rain"/ a "sun sets to rise again"/ "after the storm ends, the sun will shine" etc. In my case the rain is just spitting, the sun is just setting, and the storm is only just brewing, I have a lot to come. My challenges are yet to come I know, and I'll just have to get to grips with myself, keep a strong head /mind and get through the year.

Wednesday, 3 September 2014

"Want This" Wednesday: Nike Air Max

Recently I have found a few Air Maxs that I would like amongst all those that I dislike. Also, I've made them the 'want' of my post because I haven't got a pair, and I would really like one to add to my footwear and make it whole in some sense.

These are cute. Not to bright to come across as tacky or immature, but not too dull. They would be easy to wear, and add a bit of colour - the colours of which I like quite a bit.,20/2005492500
Click to zoom
Again , the colours would be easy to wear, the accent of white and purple is nice and the sole is quite pretty. It brightens the shoe and enhances the whole look.
( )


All white shoes would be so nice, although they would get dirty too easily and then irritate me. White is always attractive though, very nice.

Drag to spin
'All black' not only looks nice, but is easy to wear with anything. You can't go wrong with an all black. The reflective thing in the night is just an extra bonus. Any 'All Blacks' would do.

I REALLY want these ones. I've literally been following them for months on Office where I've fantasied and tried to plan how to make the money. They're now almost out of stock and furthermore not in stock in my size in Office any more. Hopefully, I can get them somewhere else and hopefully I raise the money in time.

Outfits with Air Maxs

Outfits like these have persuaded me that these Air Maxs aren't as bad as I thought they were. They can actually look good as I have found below.

Buy me a pair of Air Maxs? Pretty Pretty Please?

Tuesday, 2 September 2014


I was feeling pretty cool the other day, so This post is an OOTOD the extra O being for "other" as it wasn't today, rather the other day.

Oversized Aztec(?*) T-Shirt £??? From Kushi - was a gift from a family friend that I got years ago. Back then I was sure I'd never wear it but here I am wearing and loving it. I know she said something about a market though...

(Not really the best of images, apologies) Dorothy Perkins, suede body PU leather sleeves. £- Not from DP, that's for another post.

Mom jeans, New Look £12 (on sale). Got them big in a size 14 because there were none in my size and I thought that I'd get them anyway. Turns out that I really like the fit and the look it gives.

Some people hate them but I personally love the roll-up on the end of a pair of jeans. Plus my height means that it's either this or let them be extra slouchy. 

Chunky Black Buckled Boots, New Look £20. They are actually quite big in terms of fit. I got a size six which is normally okay but these boots have lots of room. They're fine to walk in though, just roomier than usual.

For my sleeves I used a long sleeve top from Primark. The price is forever changing for these type of basics so I'm not too sure on price.

I get my scarves from markets, namely Upton Park (Queens) market in East London for a deal of either £5 for 3 or £10 for 3 dependent on the type of scarves I'm buying. 

Oversized Round shades. New look, £5. These are my number one shades (and my only shades to be frank) and have proved popular over summer. Everywhere I've been someone has commented on them, and many people have literally tried them on or grabbed them of my face then wore them as 'their own'. 

Very loose and oversized.

 I've also tried this with white ( no images available, sorry) and this works too. I've matched the sleeves with the scarf, which makes the brown okay. The white was a good look too.

Snazzy socks, heheee

 I could have tried this tucked in... Belt was given so again I don't know about the price.

Snazzy socks again. Primark FYI, but idk how much, Sorry!
I have no description for my look, but I hope you've liked/ possibly been inspired by my OOTOD.