Saturday, 27 December 2014

#BlackLivesMatter / #IllrideWithYou / #PeshawarAttack

The last few weeks has seen the verdict of Mike Brown's killer,the start of the #IllRideWithYou trend after the attack in Australia and the Peshawar Attack. I feel that all these incidences are important to me because I am  Muslim, Black,and a school child; these situations bring to light difficulty that are faced by all of these groups.

Lets start with the Ferguson Decision.

I remember in the summer how this case was first ignited on social media*1, which is where I first heard of Mike Brown, how he was attacked, and the uproar it caused in his home town of Ferguson.I couldn't believe how people shoot him in surrender, and was even more shocked when I found out that it was police man on duty who shot him down. The injustice upset me, as many people concluded that the only reason that he was shot was because he was black.

The This is when I then remembered that Trayvon Martin was another young man that was shot, and nearer to the jury's hearing in November a young black boy, Tamir Rice was shot dead by police. Between the time that I was writing this post and Tamir's murder, another  two men Eric Garner and Antonio Martin were shot - again by police officers. How disgusting that between the drafting of what was originally a post that was going to mention one person, I ended up mentioning four.*2
I've come to see that this is the sad truth
Ironic how in this episode of Fresh Prince, aired many years ago, the racial tension and equality is recognised, and that today this is the exact way that Mike Brown was shot down. As much as The Fresh Prince was made to make us laugh, its sad to think that such a thing should be even brought up. Its sad to think that in a society that is supposed be at least improving with time, that we still have there is still the same inequality and fear in the air, just because of one's skin colour.

The irony in this photo...
Watch this poem a friend showed me that relates to the situation:

And then we have the Australia's I'll Ride With You Phenomenom.

Twitter message

It was on Twitter that I became aware of the siege in Australia, but moreover, by the aftermath present on social media. It took the one woman who was scared of representing her faith, a woman who was willing to stand by her, and one hashtag to trigger an international sympathy for people who have to bear the brunt of Islamaphobia and tensions against Muslims everyday, especially after an event like the recent siege.Thousands of people almost vowed to support the Muslims, and to see some positive thoughts on the internet was especially heartwarming for me personally. Whether now they remember their tweets of solidarity for Muslims or not, to think the thoughts were there and that the one hashtag got a global response, reassures me of there being some hope of goodness within people of the world.
A thanks from me too
Then Finally the Peshawar Attack.

Again, this was news that I first came across on the internet, but sadder than the above. I was deeply upset to hear that a school had been attacked and as a result masses of children were killed. To think the parents of the murdered let their children go to school one day, never to see them return due to the terrible actions of a few. Nevermind the motive or the murderers, the fact that the majority of those killed were children makes this attack abominable, and when one considers all the elements of the attack again, that act can only be made worse. 

Apparently, the picture of the last boy in his class
For someone who feels pretty safe in school, I could only imagine how unsafe the remaining students must feel now, going back to school after such a happening.

As a person that potentially is all of the three  kinds of people who these stories feature (a Muslim, a Black person, a school kid),  I was definitely moved by these recent happenings

Additional Commentary

*1 I would like to bring to light social media that is often condemned to be a lot of bad things such as waste of time, unuseful etc. Social media is my way of keeping up to date; with people, current affairs, and a way to have a bit of fun and entertainment. I can definitely say here it had a positive use of how it informed me of what was going on in my world.

*2 It took me so long to write this post, too long in fact. What originally was a post only on the #BlackLivesMatter continued to be added to because I would not finish it before the next news story cam out. It bought to my attention that I definitely need to be better planned, and more focused on current tasks to hopefully spend less time and be more efficient with them. Definitely things to consider for the new year and resolutions.

Wednesday, 10 December 2014

Want This Wednesday: Feeling the Fur

Its winter, so it that time of year where people bring out the long-loved fur to sweeten their look. Here are a few fur looks that I like.

1. The Fur Waistcoat

Such a tumblr photo.

2. The Fur Collar

Don't even remember where I found this coat, but I love it.

River Island

3. The fur Headband


Other fur assets can be nice, but these above are the wants of this Wednesday.

Buy my fur products, pretty, pretty please?

Friday, 14 November 2014

Children in Need: Dress Up Day

Today is the day for Children In Need, where the BBC present a show where fundraising for multiple children's charities takes place, and many people get involved in the fundraising and the dressing up associated with this. 
Our school has a tradition of allowing the sixth form to dress up on this day, and since it was our first year of being able to do it, we were all really excited.It was difficult to decide, especially as there was a bit of pressure on having a good idea, but my friends and I eventually came up with the idea of dressing up as Rock, Paper Scissors. Sitting here typing this has actually made me realise what I did today, dressing up as paper and walking about was an experience I won't forget.

 We struggled,we looked silly, but it was funny and in the name of charity. 

Friday, 31 October 2014

Halloween and What's what 🎃👻

So it's that time of year again. It's Halloween and I'm at home, sitting, waiting for trick-or-treaters to reject as they come to the door of my home.

Several people, shops and even Google recognise the day and many people participate by dressing up, trick-or-treating, having parties or egging civilians in the street. Others hate the day, detest it in the name of God, or just have no reason to like it.  But as I sit here, waiting to reject the little children coming to my door, I think to myself "What is Halloween, what are people actually celebrating or detesting?"
Google ad many doodles for today. Love Google. And I love their Doodles too.

So my research began and I found out a few things about what Halloween really is.*1

  • It's actually "All Hallows' Eve", All Hallows' being all saints day celebrated by Christians (particularly Catholics I think) tomorrow. So, technically the day has religious sentiment. With Eastenders behind me*2 at the moment, Dot even says its a "day to pray for the souls that have departed ". This is probably where the ghost/graveyard/death imagery comes from.
  • Although some may disagree, the day seems to have come from a pagan holiday celebrated by Gaelic people called Samhain, which was the end of harvest season and the beginning of the darker half of the year.
  • The Christians that celebrate the day tended to abstain from meat on this day, so popular food included cider, potato pancakes and apples, which is probably where the toffee apples and apple-bobbing come from. 

Jack-o'lanterns were originally carried by people called guisers who asked for food in return for prayers for the dead. The lantern was supposed to ward off evil spirits that were supposed to be lurking about on the eve.

  • Trick or treaters/guisers as I've previously mentioned were also originally known to collect food for the Halloween party, probably a party for the next day.
  •  The guisers also used to go around in costumes, which is where the costuming comes from. The first use of costumes and guiding is found in Scotland and Ireland in the late 19th century. Rev.Dr.Eddie J Smith in his book 'Halloween, hallowed be thy name', suggests that the costumes allow people to make fun of Satan (the devil), by dressing up as things that once made people scared hence the ghouls, witches, and vampires. This quickly turned into dressing up as anything, and so many people don't dress up as scary things, but anything that they have an idea of.

Cruella DeVille; Iggy has stylishly embodied the character.
Even has the dalmatian at hand.
The car really completes the look. Well done Iggy

 Having not read the book I don't fully understand what the significance of the devil is, but here lies a somewhat link as to why people associate the day with the devil. However, seeing as I've only briefly researched this briefly I see quite an opposite. The devil's birthday is actually not so, me actually the day seems to be quite 'holy' in its original essence.

Now, I don't really like or celebrate Halloween, seeing as I'm not Christian, or one to celebrate commercialised holidays no matter how big they are.I'm with the belief that if I'm to celebrate something, I have to believe in it, or agree with it, and with Halloween I find nothing to go by in both of these cases. I also really dislike the commercialisation of this day. It's a shame to see another religious event *stripped of its true meaning, dressed up as something new and publicised as a way to make money from consumers.

Side Notes and Comments

Its been a while since I've done these.

*1 So when i say research, I mean wikipedia search. As bad as it can be it can be really quick and informative. This also means that if i got anything wrong, I;m sorry, this is what I read from wikipedia, however, I have heard this from my primary school, so I think everything i have typed is hopefully true.

*2 I don't watch Eastenders.It got boring ages ago. I also didn't like how everyone is on a situation or problematic. It's not everyday xyz's baby/ xyz had an affair/ xyz got murdered, as they say.

*3 The others being Easter and Christmas. Christmas is that holiday that I forever get questioned about. "You don't celebrate Christmas?!" I get often at this time of year, if not, whilst someone has bought up Christmas and maybe how excited they are for it they say "Oh don't celebrate Christmas...oh.". Seeing so many people in their Halloween costumes, made me remember Christmas in particular, because everyone celebrates it and not as many people believe in it. As fun as it may be, I try to remain true to myself. If I don't believe in Christ's birth being on that day, or won't being doing anything about Christ's-mass then why should I celebrate it?

All in all, I hope I've shone a little light on Halloween and what's what.

Sunday, 26 October 2014

Black History Month: Malcolm X

Seeing as its black history month, I thought I have to make a post related to black history and the positive black figures history has to offer.

I'll start with Malcom X, a civil rights activist during the civil rights movement in America. He didn't have the best of starts, he grew up in a racist society that told him he could never put his good brains to use because of his skin colour.
"The turning point in Malcolm X's childhood came in 1939, when his English teacher asked him what he wanted to be when he grew up and he answered that he wanted to be a lawyer. His teacher responded, "One of life's first needs is for us to be realistic ... you need to think of something you can be ... why don't you plan on carpentry?" Having thus been told in no uncertain terms that there was no point in a black child pursuing education, Malcolm X dropped out of school the following year, at the age of 15."

He turned to a life of crime, went to prison, left prison and became Muslim in the Nation of Islam (not a good sect of Islam). As the intelligent and articulate character he was, he was soon appointed as the organisation's spokesmen which bought thousands of people to follow the organisations teachings and gained his popularity throughout the country. A number of things happened with Elijah Muhammad which caused Malcolm X to lose faith in the organisation and hence leave in March 1964. In the same year, he went to hajj which proved life changing for him. He came back with new beliefs, and he now realised that black superiority and segregation wasn't the way forward.
"The true brotherhood I had seen had influenced me to recognize that anger can blind human vision," he said. "America is the first country ... that can actually have a bloodless revolution." 

I'm particularly fond of this man for his change to what is right, his articualtion and his passion.His fiery character definitely shone through to me as an admirable character.

Read more :

Malcolm X: Cassius Marcellus Clay, better known as Muhammad Ali, stands with fellow Muslim and civil rights activist Malcolm X in New York City on March 2, 1964. (Photo by John Peodincuk/NY Daily News Archive via Getty Images)
Malcolm X and Muhammad Ali, so much greatness in one photo
Malcolm X   Jake LaMotta 

Because there are too many to post in this one blog post, here are some of his quotes:

Thursday, 16 October 2014

It's been a month...

Since I last made a post on this blog of mine. A whole month. Despite knowing I'll be busy due to things like my A-levels, I know I've just been lazy, and have procrastinated too much when it comes to blog posts. So in some sort of "compensation" for my lack of posts, I'm going to post what I've been doing in the last 30 days.

  1. Learning to be ambidextrous

hardly legible

 So apparently it takes about a month, with sufficient practice everyday to be ambidextrous. 
But have I been practicing everyday? 
No, not really.
Even holding pen is a task!

  • The first of October was Nigerian independence day, so I started this post about Nigeria which I never really saw the end of...

A lot of this case up. Ideas that were on my head but we're never put down or expressed. A shame really
There were no hats thrown in the air
  •  I graduated from the NCS programme. Probably one of the most dragged out things ever, but I enjoyed it.

Santa Monica Beach
  • Reminiscing. "Throwing back" as its called. I love looking back on photos and remember pong Good times.

Interesting stuff
  • Hardcore maths. At a maths club I recently joined, we were tackling tough mathematical questions. As much as I love months I was baffled at the end of it. Almost in hysterics because I was overwhelmed. But I like the club and will be back.

  • The second Eid of the year( out of the two for those who may be confused) came about recently. I dressed up took selfies, I ate, it was a nice day.

  • Being confused/ questioning. This is an example of why. Tell me why there's a book about cows in the maths AS textbook?

  • Campaigning:As part of NCS we set up our own campaign and had to go out into the public to spread awareness. Here is some of team Edwards, who I campaigned with.

  • Taking selfies is fun. I took a few selfies.
  • Walking; for me, walking to places isn't am option especially when there's a bus hat I can get on with a free Oyster card. However, I've walked a lot in the last month, and I think I'll continue.

  • Struggling in maths; in certain classes, ie Mechanics I left baffled as to what to do and why. It's frustrating but I'm determined to see the day I understand it.

  • Trying to be neat; I'm not the neatest when it comes to written things, especially maths. I don't bother with margins, and sometimes my work can get undeniably messy, even I am reluctant to read over my work sometimes. But I'm going to improve...somehow.

  • Yarn Braids; I've always liked the rasta look hair  and when insaw two girls do the do I tried some myself. I didn't actually finsih as I didn't but enough stuff, but I liked the feeling of DIY hair. With practice I'll get there I guess

  • Fearing Ebola; its spreading like wildfire in Africa, and is expected to be here in the UK soon( although I don't know how that's predictable). I have so much opinion on Ebola, but the fact of the matter is I would repay her not die of it. Hence the fear.
  • Connecting with Quran; I want to have an understanding of my Lord's words, and so reading Quran, particularly the English/ tafsir.
  • Laughing/joking; I like to keep light-hearted
  • Discussing/debating; Lately a lot of talks have taken place amongst friends about a variety of things. I like a good soul searching question every now and again.
  • Painting my nails; I'm not really good, they always chip, but seeing as school dress code doesn't stop me I'm giving it a go.
  • Finding my winter coat; I'm looking for a blush coloured coat. Collarless(or maybe not, depends), and long, but not too long. Zip/button fastening.

Photo 1 of Pale Pink Collarless Coat
Maybe not as light, but along the lines of this

  • Online window shopping; has to be window shopping. I'm a bit fund-less at the moment.
  • Struggling with earphones; One ears working the other is so its death bed. New EarPods are pending.
  • Being tired; I was called "sleep deprived" and since then I've been aware of how fatigued I am. If you go to my school, you know how tired I can get.
  • Becoming self-aware; being essential to personal development, being self aware is something I've started to try and be more. When you look into yourself you can realise a lot.
  • Being involved in school; senior house captain, guide for the recent open day, house council representative, I like to be involved in the school, especially seeing as I genuinely care for my school environment.
  • Developing a growth mindset; I had an assembly about growth and fixed mind sets. It wasn't the most inspiring thing but I concluded that I'm more fixed and growth, and for my self betterment I should enhance and develop my growth aspects.
  • Staying truthful; I've been trying this for a long while. It I've realised how easy it is to lie. And as I don't like lying, liars or deception if any type, I'm minimising and avoiding lying.
  • Losing/finding phone within 24 hours; I lost my phone, I found my phone at the bus garage luckily. As much as I hate it I need a phone. A half loaf is better than none. Its also funny how when I've lost my phone is when everybody contacts me, but when I've found it no-one contacts me and no-one is available.
  • Reading wide;when I was younger, I read a lot more and a lot more wider and I can see the difference it makes. When school ask us to do it it honestly helps.
  • Planning for future; life is moving so fast that I must plan, as "those who fail to plan, plan to fail", and "the future is for those who plan today"

Sunday, 14 September 2014

'A-Level' Up *

Literally, despite only being back at school for 1 and a half weeks, I feel the upgrade in intensity from what GCSE's were. It may actually be because I haven't had a proper form of learning or education in the last 3 months, but nonetheless, I'm feeling the effects of Sixth Form already.

I stayed in my school, and as much as I do wonder how it would have been if I had left, I always conclude with the idea that I did make the right decision in staying. The way I see it is that these two years are solely for getting into university, the easiest way of doing that being staying at my sixth form; in an environment that I'm comfortable and familiar with; both factors being those that I can use to my advantage.

I like sixth form, but at the same time I don't. I like being older in school and not having to wear the horrible uniform that I did, but there are downsides to the new academic life.
Take having to wear your own clothes for example. Although I've just said that I like the change in clothing I don't at the same time. Uniform was abysmal, but having to sort out 5 different scarves  for the week in itself is a lot, plus the 'do I wear trousers/Do I wear a skirt?' question I'm asking myself every Sunday evening which is a lot more than "do I wear trousers or do I wear a skirt?"*1. Additionally, what makes having this dress code difficult is the fact that clothes don't fit. I'm small, but not tiny-small, also slim to some extent too. Basically, the U.K. sizing system doesn't co-operate with people like me, who has to not only look smart and abide by my schools dress code, but stay within Muslim boundaries of dress, and try and look good too*2. It's a lot to consider when you think about it, trust me.

Never in my life have I had so many assignments set in one day!
I looked at this and knew that A-Levels had begun.

However, clothes are nothing of a struggle in comparison to the work. The workload isn't overwhelming as such for me personally, but just different. Maybe over the last 2+ years I became too comfortable with the GCSE way of learning. You were learning, but I always found it manageable because it wasn't completely foreign to what I may have learnt or known already so it was never too hard to grasp. I guess it's been a long time since I've learnt something completely new- so maybe that's really the problem- but I've found this part of the sixth form experience uneasy.

 Additionally, there's my perception that everyone understands everything already. My Further Maths class (which is Maths + Further Maths, 2 A-levels of pure joy!) consists of 10 people, all of which are so silent during class, ask no questions and seem just fine. Maybe it's the way they are, or they're just shy, but the lack of speech in the class to me suggests that they are managing, understanding, and I'm not. Maths at A-level isn't too foreign, but it's not the GCSE I could do in my sleep. So from being on top of my game to being at the bottom of the heap is not nice. Combined with the pressure in having to well in these two subjects for university, I  haven't felt so good recently in my favourite subject. 

I was discussing my discomfort with a friend of mine, who then told me to "Fake it 'til I make it", which is the game plan for now because I have to keep afloat, even if it's just on the outside. I was also reassured with other words and comments, from peers and even teachers around school. That I received throughout the week. If they think I have the right attitude, and the ability to get good grades at the end of the year, then I should too, right?

Perhaps it's just apprehension, nerves and the likes getting to me so soon, maybe not. But overall I feel okay with sixth form- I like it. The "sun shines brightest after the rain"/ a "sun sets to rise again"/ "after the storm ends, the sun will shine" etc. In my case the rain is just spitting, the sun is just setting, and the storm is only just brewing, I have a lot to come. My challenges are yet to come I know, and I'll just have to get to grips with myself, keep a strong head /mind and get through the year.

Wednesday, 3 September 2014

"Want This" Wednesday: Nike Air Max

Recently I have found a few Air Maxs that I would like amongst all those that I dislike. Also, I've made them the 'want' of my post because I haven't got a pair, and I would really like one to add to my footwear and make it whole in some sense.

These are cute. Not to bright to come across as tacky or immature, but not too dull. They would be easy to wear, and add a bit of colour - the colours of which I like quite a bit.,20/2005492500
Click to zoom
Again , the colours would be easy to wear, the accent of white and purple is nice and the sole is quite pretty. It brightens the shoe and enhances the whole look.
( )


All white shoes would be so nice, although they would get dirty too easily and then irritate me. White is always attractive though, very nice.

Drag to spin
'All black' not only looks nice, but is easy to wear with anything. You can't go wrong with an all black. The reflective thing in the night is just an extra bonus. Any 'All Blacks' would do.

I REALLY want these ones. I've literally been following them for months on Office where I've fantasied and tried to plan how to make the money. They're now almost out of stock and furthermore not in stock in my size in Office any more. Hopefully, I can get them somewhere else and hopefully I raise the money in time.

Outfits with Air Maxs

Outfits like these have persuaded me that these Air Maxs aren't as bad as I thought they were. They can actually look good as I have found below.

Buy me a pair of Air Maxs? Pretty Pretty Please?

Tuesday, 2 September 2014


I was feeling pretty cool the other day, so This post is an OOTOD the extra O being for "other" as it wasn't today, rather the other day.

Oversized Aztec(?*) T-Shirt £??? From Kushi - was a gift from a family friend that I got years ago. Back then I was sure I'd never wear it but here I am wearing and loving it. I know she said something about a market though...

(Not really the best of images, apologies) Dorothy Perkins, suede body PU leather sleeves. £- Not from DP, that's for another post.

Mom jeans, New Look £12 (on sale). Got them big in a size 14 because there were none in my size and I thought that I'd get them anyway. Turns out that I really like the fit and the look it gives.

Some people hate them but I personally love the roll-up on the end of a pair of jeans. Plus my height means that it's either this or let them be extra slouchy. 

Chunky Black Buckled Boots, New Look £20. They are actually quite big in terms of fit. I got a size six which is normally okay but these boots have lots of room. They're fine to walk in though, just roomier than usual.

For my sleeves I used a long sleeve top from Primark. The price is forever changing for these type of basics so I'm not too sure on price.

I get my scarves from markets, namely Upton Park (Queens) market in East London for a deal of either £5 for 3 or £10 for 3 dependent on the type of scarves I'm buying. 

Oversized Round shades. New look, £5. These are my number one shades (and my only shades to be frank) and have proved popular over summer. Everywhere I've been someone has commented on them, and many people have literally tried them on or grabbed them of my face then wore them as 'their own'. 

Very loose and oversized.

 I've also tried this with white ( no images available, sorry) and this works too. I've matched the sleeves with the scarf, which makes the brown okay. The white was a good look too.

Snazzy socks, heheee

 I could have tried this tucked in... Belt was given so again I don't know about the price.

Snazzy socks again. Primark FYI, but idk how much, Sorry!
I have no description for my look, but I hope you've liked/ possibly been inspired by my OOTOD.